Monday, November 11, 2013

Hailey Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

This past Friday was Hailey's 4th birthday. Finally. She had been waiting weeks for the big day to come. When it did come, it didn't disappoint. It really was more of a birthday weekend, which has left her with a bit of a birthday hangover. She has been a little extra tired the past two days. Kyle's parents, sister, and brother with his wife and daughter all stayed with us for the weekend. It was party central.

Hailey started the big day off with chocolate chip birthday pancakes. Complete with whipped cream, syrup and four candles.

 Hailey was so lucky to have both of her grandparents in town for her birthday this year. She spent her big day with Papa and Rara Hill at the farm at Thanksgiving Point and at Scheels in Draper. I was told she rode 4 ponies at the farm and went around the Ferris Wheel 3 times at Scheels. She ate a birthday lunch at Arby's, which was her choice. We may or may not be Arby's fans at our house. :)

On the next day, Saturday, she went with Papa and Rara Park to see Disney on Ice in Salt Lake City. It sounded like a lot of fun. She reported that her favorite part was Tinkerbell, and I was told that she really enjoyed the pirates. And she ate lunch at Arby's again. Funny girl.

Of course Hailey was most excited about her presents.

And then the cupcakes. She very specifically did not want cake. She wanted cupcakes. Pink ones. She was also very specific about wanting decorations. There HAD to be decorations. Good thing I was planning on decorating a little bit anyway. 

I just love the picture above. This was taken while we were singing to her. It shows off her excited, but embarrassed face. Cute girl.

Happy 4th birthday Hailey! I hope your wish comes true!


  1. What personality! And what was in those big boxes?! Happy Birthday Hailey!!!



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