Sunday, November 17, 2013

Keira: 11 months

Keira hit 11 months this past week. And her personality is beginning explode. 

Keira is so wiggly. She never sits still. Not even for a bottle anymore. She is just too busy. She has figured out how to climb up the stairs. I really can't keep her off of them. Take her off and she immediately turns around and heads straight back for them. She can go up, but we're still working on going down. She has gotten fast too. If she notices you coming to snatch her up she speeds up her pace and squeals. She loves to play chase. 

Nothing is safe from Keira. She pulls herself up to stand on everything. She has also begun walking along the furniture. She stands pretty steady, with hardly any support. She'll stand on her own for a second or two. 

As is typical of babies, Keira gets into everything. Hailey is learning she has to pick up her toys and crayons if she doesn't want Keira to get into them. She has gotten her hands and mouth around markers a few too many times already.

Keira's constant movement has translated into some funny sleeping positions.

Keira is not quiet. She screams when she is tired. She screams when she is hungry. She screams when she is done. She screams when she wants attention. That girls needs to learn to talk. When she isn't screaming she babbles the day away. All sorts of strings of consonants and vowels flow from her mouth. That I love. Babbling is hilarious to me.

I love how absorbent baby brains are. Keira is picking up on things left and right. Today while she was in the bath I noticed her looking up at the bottle of baby soap. She began rubbing her hand across her chest in a circular motion, similar to the ASL sign for please. She looked at the bottle again and then began rubbing her leg. She knew what that bottle was for- washing! So funny. If you ask her to, Keira will hug her monkey that she sleeps with. It is adorable.

The only time Keira will sit still (besides eating- which is does like a champ) is to read books. She loves to look at books with pictures of animals in them. We have one animal book she goes back to over and over again. Other books we can't get past the first page before she is searching for a new one. Previously when I tried to read with Keira she just tried to eat the book and got frustrated when I wouldn't let her. Now she turns the pages and looks intently at the pictures.  

We are looking for to a birthday next month. Hard to believe it'll be here so soon! 



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