Friday, May 30, 2014

After Dinner Fun

I went to edit pictures of Hailey's end of the year preschool singing program and found these pictures I had completely forgotten about. They aren't that old, just two weeks. But I forgot they were sitting on the computer waiting to be shared! So the end of preschool can wait. That just means you have something to look forward to coming back here for, right?

After dinner one evening, Kyle went outside to mow the lawn. Naturally, both girls wanted to be outside too. Kyle decided it was time to teach Hailey to mow the lawn. Sure, why not? She's 4 1/2, no better time, right? Maybe if we start her out early she'll grow to love it as a teenager. :) 

The safety glasses kill me. Safety first!

While I was doing who knows what... probably taking pictures of Hailey, Keira crawled into the bike cart and very patiently waited for a ride. She didn't say a single word. She just sat and waited. I wasn't planning on it, but how could I possibly resist that?  

So on a bike ride we went. Hailey decided that sounded more fun than mowing, so she ditched Kyle to finish the job and came with Keira and I. We zipped around the block twice, as fast as my legs could push us- which really isn't very fast. It is ridiculous how much weight those two little bodies add. It is a major workout pulling both of those girls. I had plans on biking all over Farmington with those two in tow this summer. I think we're going to need to work up to it. Maybe by fall we'll be cruising the town. :)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, they feel like lead behind the bike! But still, so much fun. And exercise for mom! The safety glasses kill me too. Way cute.



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