Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Fall Day at the Zoo

Last month, while the weather was still warm, my mom and I took the girls to the zoo. It was an awesomely warm day (I ended up being too warm) and perfect for zoo browsing. The girls were so excited. Keira especially loved it. She was totally into it, pointing out the animals and making their sounds. It was so fun to see her enthusiasm and excitement over seeing the animals.

Keira's favorite stop seemed to be the seals and sea lions. She loved watching them swim by and play. They'd come and go and she'd say, "Where'd-they-go?" "There-they-are!". She pointed out their bubbles and pretended to blow some of her own. 

Hailey was our tour guide toting the map around, showing us where to go next. Her number one destination was to visit the grizzly bears.

She was fortunate enough to see one about as up close and personal as you can get. She sat distractedly next to the glass, looking at the map. One of the bears snuck up behind her right next to the glass completely startling her. She jumped up real quick and ran a few steps back from the glass. From my point of view it was pretty funny to see it coming.

 I just love Keira's tiny pigtails. What's even better are the wings that are left when she pulls them out. :)

We had a pretty fantastic time at the zoo. The girls were troopers. We forgot the stroller so they were forced to walk the entire way, except for Keira who was carried for a bit until we thought our arms were going to fall off. It was a perfect day to enjoy the warm fall weather.

I know I haven't posted Halloween pictures yet. They're coming. I need to play a little catch up first. I'm pretty behind on life. It happens. :)


  1. I'm kind of obsessed with the zoo and I've never thought about going there in the fall *head smack* duh! What a great time to go!

  2. The bear picture/story is the best part! Haha. Fun day at the zoo.



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