Friday, November 14, 2014

Thirty. Again.

My six weeks of teasing are over. This guy matches me and turns 30 today! Since you only turn 30 once, I'm going to celebrate with 30 facts about Kyle.

1. He was born in Provo, UT.
2. Kyle is the oldest of 4 kids. He has one brother and two sisters.
3. He has lived in six states: Utah, Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, and Texas.
4. He is a natural designer/builder. He has the kind of mind that breaks down every possibility and is able to see just how something might function.
5. He tells stories from his childhood of building all sorts of contraptions, like an over the fence wiffleball retriever, totally just like in the Sandlot. Or a go-kart with speakers attached that they raced down the sloping road in front of their house.

6. In high school, Kyle was introduced to Solid Works (3D modeling software). He would build things out of Legos and then model them in Solid Works. Just for fun.
7. Because of it, Kyle is a Solid Works pro, which he uses very frequently at work.
8. After graduating high school Kyle went to BYU for a year before setting off on a church mission to the Philippines for 2 years.

9. In the Philippines Kyle learned to speak Tagalog and some Sign Language. For part of his 2 years, he spent 7 months working with deaf church members where he translated from Tagalog into Sign Language.
10. After his mission, he returned to BYU and began working on a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
11. About a year into it he realized that really wasn't for him. He liked designing, not so much the math and science behind it. Luckily for him he discovered Industrial Design.

12. One semester in the Industrial Design program proved to be a true fit. He graduated with a BFA in 2011.
13. After his mission, Kyle worked in the copy center on campus with yours truly. He worked a few different positions in the copy center, one year including evenings alone with just him and the machines.
14. Towards the last half of his time at BYU he worked for one of his professors as a research assistant. The research was in making designer toys. I think designers have a lot more fun than other professions.

15. Between his junior and senior year he had an internship at a design consultancy in Texas. We packed up and spent a summer there playing and exploring. And sweating. So hot and humid.

16. After graduating  from BYU Kyle found a job at Metropolis Design in North Salt Lake where he works as an Industrial Designer.
17. Check out Metropolis's website. Kyle designed it.

18. Kyle loves to go shooting, and doesn't do enough of it. We've gone to the shooting range together a few times and it's been a lot of fun.

19. Growing up Kyle played soccer. He still loves it, which is why he struggles to watch Hailey and her 4 and 5 year old teammates play. It's painful for him to watch. Someday the skill level will pick up. :)

20. Kyle loves to golf. He made the varsity team as a freshman in high school, but didn't play because none of his friends made it. Now I think he wishes he had pursued that a bit more.
21. Kyle has a soft heart. By that I mean he is always thinking of others. Even as a child Kyle was concerned about the happiness of those around him. His mom tells a story of Kyle coming to her crying because the other kids were fighting, not him. This is one thing I love about him, how genuinely concerned he is for others.
22. He isn't much a of a sweets person, which sometimes drives me nuts because I am. But, that changes when anything mint or dark chocolate is involved. 
23. Kyle has recently gotten into mountain biking a bit. He hasn't gotten out much, but over the past year, the few times he has, he raves about how much fun it was.

24. Our girls love Kyle. He is the fun one. Totally. Dad is awesome fun. 
25. Any sort of You Tube video culture knowledge I gain from Kyle. He is always update on the latest viral videos, and often comes home from work with one or two to show me.
26. His all time favorite movies are Jurassic Park and Independence Day.
27. Kyle can not fall asleep to a movie. It is physically impossible. His brain is too active.
28. He also has a super knack for remembering movies and movie quotes. After seeing a movie a couple of times he needs a few years break before watching it again, so hopefully he'll forget some of it. Which really doesn't happen. It can be years after he last saw a movie and he can still quote it.
29. Kyle is a fantastic cook. Just like he does with most anything, he just wings it and makes it up as he goes. He has a knack for knowing what spices and flavors will blend well together.

30. He's pretty much awesome. And my perfect match.

Happy Birthday Kyle! 

I love you. :)


  1. Happy 30th Birthday to Kyle! I love your 30 facts. Still need to meet you, Renae, and see the two of you "old farts" in action together. :) Hope it's a great day.

  2. Happy birthday, fun reading some facts



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