Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fishing at Farmington Pond

This past weekend the weather was absolutely perfect. The sun was out, the sky was blue, but it was just cool enough that you didn't sweat. It was the best set up for some birthday fishing with Uncle Cody.

Cody chose to celebrate his birthday with some fishing, and invited the lot of us to tag along. I actually had no intention of going at first. Kyle was going to take Hailey and I was going to stay home with Keira. Keira really didn't want to be left behind and was begging to go fishing too. So, we took two cars, just in case. Turns out that girl had a blast. I'm so glad we went.

We stayed close to home and spent the afternoon at Farmington Pond, seriously a 5 minute drive from home. How awesome is that? 

Hailey was excited to get out for her second go at fishing. She said she was going to watch her bobber carefully this time. She may have done so at first, but I don't think it took too long until she was more interested in being sure to reload herself with another handful of goldfish crackers. I don't blame her, it isn't too exciting when there isn't much happening, especially when you are 5.

Since Keira and I arrived in a second car, a little later than everyone else, I was told that upon arrival Hailey informed everyone, "Hey guys, make sure you don't eat the worms. They aren't the candy ones." :)

My job was to follow this little lady all over the place. I trailed along while she explored the shore, said hi to the geese and ducks (while steering her away from attempting to pet them), and tramped through the brush.

On our walking Keira found herself a nice long stick which she turned into her own fishing pole. Clever girl. 

At first the fish were slow to bite, until we switched spots. Then it was a bit of a feast for the fishies. Cody caught the first fish and was gracious enough to let Hailey help reel it in. And then the fish kept coming. 

Keira helped Kyle reel in one of his 5 fish he caught (and released). Keira even touched the fish when they were pulled out of the water. She gave them a nice quick slap with her finger and then ran to me pointing her finger at me saying "yucky" and asking for a wipe to clean it off. 

Despite our hesitance at bringing Keira along, she ended up having a blast. Hailey too. All of us in fact. I think we need to do more of this fishing business. It was so fantastic to get outside and enjoy nature.

BTW, birthday boy Cody won the prize for the most caught fish at 6, with Kyle at 5, Brittany at 4, and Chelsie with 1 (who so kindly let Brittany use her pole, otherwise I'm sure she would have caught more.)

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