Friday, June 19, 2015

Spring Soccer

Hailey played a third season of soccer this past spring. Her skill level from just the previous fall has grown so much! Kyle and I were a bit surprised to see how much physical change could take place in just 6 months. Hailey was better at defending and attacking the ball, and changing the ball's direction to be able to kick it where she wanted it to go instead of just straight up the field. She also learned a bit of teamwork cheering on her teammates and letting them take the ball when they had it instead of trying to take it from them. Hailey even scored a few goals this season- a first for her! We were pretty proud of her accomplishments.

Keira was Hailey's cheerleader. Seriously. She was always excited to watch Hailey play and would yell "Go Hailey!" That girl looks up to her big sister so much. It made me so happy to see her anxious to watch her sister play. Keira even got in on a bit of the coaching one day. After watching Hailey's coach point and instruct the girls Keira marched herself out onto the field and began pointing and giving her own instructions. It was pretty hilarious. 

Hailey absolutely loves playing soccer. I hope that sticks with her. She has a constant smile on her face when she is out on the field. She is enthusiastic when her teammates score goals, jumping and celebrating with them. Of course she's extra excited when the goal is her own. :)

She's already signed up for another season starting again in just two months. I'm already excited, I love watching her play! 

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  1. Oh I wish we were closer to watch her play... it sounds like she has the soccer "genes" !!! Love that girl!!



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