Sunday, May 15, 2016


1. My parent's house backs up to houses with a small amount of pasture land. One neighboring house has cows. While looking out the window Keira spotted the cows and said, "I see cows." She cracked open the patio door, poked her head outside, said, "Yep" and promptly closed the door.

2. While nursing Kacey, I asked her if she was done eating. Meanwhile Keira sat in the kitchen not finishing her dinner she was supposed to eat. Upon hearing me ask "Are you done eating?", intended for Kacey, she responds, "Yep!" I said I was talking to Kacey, Keira says, "No! Me, mom!"

3. Kyle joked that he was going to steal me away from the girls. He started to pick me up potato sack style over his shoulder. I said, "No, no, no!" Hailey said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Kyle put me down without picking me up. Keira said, "My mom's too heavy."

4. One day Keira asked Kyle to play with her. "Dad, do you want to be Elsa with me?" He responded with, "How about Kacey?" Keira said, "No. How about you."

5. I asked Keira what she would like for lunch. She said chicken nuggets. I said I was making sandwiches, what kind of sandwich would she like? Her response: chicken nugget sandwich.

6. I was eating a carrot with ranch and accidentally dropped it in my lap and it then fell on the floor. Keira said, "Nice shot mom!"

7. One Monday after FHE and family prayers Keira pointed to the projector screen, "Dad, can we watch something on that?" Kyle said, "I don't know, what time is it?" Keira: "Time to watch something!"

8. Swimming at Papa and Rara Hill's house Keira was being a bit timid about playing in the water. She worked up her courage and  jumped into the pool off of the diving board. She briefly went under the water. Rara told her "You did good!" Keira cried, "No me don't!

9. I was greeted in the morning with, "Good morning Mrs. Poopy!"

10. For quite sometime Keira thought my parents were Papa and Rara House. I would say, do you want to go to Rara's house? Apparently she took that to be their name. 

11. My Dad texted my mom, mentioning Hailey. In the text he had left off the i in Hailey's name. Thinking we were looking a picture, Keira piped up, "I want to see Papa with one eye!"

12. Keira was anxious to go to my parent's house for dinner. She put her shoes on and said "Time to go!" Kyle told  her we still had 20 minutes and commented that she was all ready to come. Keira put her hands up in the air and timidly said, "Woo woo!"

13. I was adding a new bag of flour to the storage container we have in the pantry. Flour flew up everywhere. Keira asked, "What is that?" I said, "What do you think it is?" She said, "A big mess!"

14. Keira came downstairs after dressing herself in a fantastically mismatching outfit (as usual). Aunt Brittany commented, saying it was a nice outfit. Keira said, "Thanks, my mom dressed me."

15. One snowy morning Keira danced around the room singing, "Once there was a snowman, snow, snow, snow!"

16. Kyle was in the bathroom filling up the humidifier with water while Keira sat on the toilet, doing her business. Hailey asked what the water was for. Kyle explained that the water heats up and creates steam. Keira proceeds to rip a toot. She laughs and says, "That's my steam!" 


  1. Haha, these are all so cute. I loved the one where she said my mom dressed me.

  2. Haha, these are all so cute. I loved the one where she said my mom dressed me.



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