Tuesday, May 17, 2016


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All dressed up and ready to watch Hailey play soccer.
She takes her job as her sister's number 1 fan seriously.

1. Late last fall I had a major head cold. Sinus headache, congestion, runny nose, the works. I felt terrible. One night I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and set it on the night stand beside the bed so I would have a nearly unlimited supply of tissues throughout the night. In the morning Keira came in the bedroom and discovered the toilet paper there. She became upset with me that I would have a whole roll of toilet paper on my nightstand. She said to me, "It's for bums, not noses." And then she put it back in the bathroom where it had come from.

2. It must have been Keira's turn to get sick. She sneezed and snot flew. Kyle said, "Eeeeww..." Keira responded nonchalantly, "It's just boogers."

3. While driving past Lagoon, like we do to go most anywhere, Keira asked me, "Mom, please can we go to the Lagoon?" I told her, "No, it's closed." She said, "We could get a key and open it!" I told her, "Even if we did it would be too cold to ride." Using her logic, Keira said, "Me wear my jacket to keep me warm!"

4. Out of the blue Keira began discussing her desire to own a cow. "...For me to ride. You hold my hand for me can't fall off." I asked her, "Where would we put the cow?" She just kept on the same thought process she had going, "Me give it milk to drink." I tried to explain to her that we get milk from cows. The milk we buy at the store comes from cows. She continued, "When it cries, me give it milk. Me want to get one today."

5. One Sunday before church the girls were eating a snack. Hailey brushed her teeth and then asked for another snack. Kyle told her she'd have to brush them again if she did. Hailey decided not to have the snack. Keira decided she wanted another snack too. Hailey pointed out that Keira had already brushed and Kyle told Keira the same thing, she would have to brush again if she had a snack. Already with granola bar in hand, she said, "It's ok" and started eating. Kyle noticed she was eating funny, not chewing like normal. When this was pointed out to Keira, she said she wasn't using her teeth (in an attempt to avoid brushing again). After a few bites she decided it was too much work and gave up. She wrapped the granola bar back up and put it back in the pantry to save for another time.

6. Keira tried her best to talk me into a snack (likely a 3rd or 4th snack, or right before dinner.) "I need food for me can grow bigger and bigger and bigger!"

7.I took Keira into the bathroom at church. She chose the ultra large handicapped stall, complete with it's own sink. She opened the door, stepped inside and said, "Come into my office." (Granted, she picked this one up from her Aunt Brittany. It still caught me off guard and was hilarious.)

8. We were talking about middle names. Keira's is Ann. I asked Keira what her middle name is. She thought about it and replied with, "Banana!"

9. At the end of dinner Keira had milk left in her cup. I asked her to finish drinking her milk. I told her the milk would help her to grow big. A minute or two later of not drinking her milk Keira started whining, "I want to grow small..."

10. Keira went to the front door and started trying to open the door. I asked her what she was doing. "I'm looking for a package." I told her, "We don't have a package." She said, "Me just say, come here package! Ok?" "Oh package!"

11. The way Keira says some words are just funny to me.

  • applejack = Slapjack
  • pokeypine = porcupine
  • stunk = skunk
  • pinano = piano
  • super drinky = thirsty
  • super watchy = she wants to watch a show
12. While on a long road trip home from Washington, Keira was eating some chocolate chip cookies. Some of the chocolate had melted on her hands, so I gave her a wipe from the diaper bag to clean them. After wiping her hands off she looked at the wipe and saw brown on the wipe. Disgusted, she said, "There's poop on it!

13. "I have a joke for you. Why did the bear run? Because it wanted to!"

14. "Hailey! When we're married and moms, we can have big burritos!"

15. Kyle asked Keira to put a toy away. She responded with "Put YOU away!"

16. "Arrr... I a teenager!"

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  1. She sounds like a foodies, just like Levi! That granola story is hilarious. She sounds like a hoot. You're so good to write all these funny things down.



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