Monday, November 29, 2010

Hailey Walks

Hailey is walking! It's amazing how fast she picked it up. She is walking everywhere, and prefers it over crawling. See for yourself.


Unfortunately, learning to walk is tough stuff and results in many head bumps. This morning it resulted in a trip to the urgent care for 2 stitches.

Before Stitches- What a trooper, even smiling for the camera!

After stitches...
...and still in a good mood.


  1. What a cutie! sorry she had to take a fall but now you know what a tough little cookie she really is :)

  2. stitches! boo.
    she looks cute with them though, is that bad? :)

  3. Great video of her walking! She's so cute. Learning-to-walk injuries are definitely not fun, but she must be pretty tough to still smile for the camera afterward!

  4. Oh man! Luke jumps off the couch all the time and he hasn't gotten stitches! Hailey must be crazy :) Watch out, church is going to be HARD now that she walks!



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