Friday, November 19, 2010

Farm Country

For Hailey's birthday, I really wanted to take her to the Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. I wanted to do something fun and different on her special day. She loves animals, so I thought she would get a kick out of seeing all of the farm animals up close. Due to weather and Kyle's busy schedule, our outing to Farm Country didn't happen until this past Wednesday (Nov. 17).

Hailey had a blast seeing all of the animals. She especially loved the goats. Mainly because they gave us the most attention. A few of them came right up to the fence, which was exciting for Hailey. In addition to goats we saw lots of chickens, peacocks and peafowls, horses, cows, llamas, rabbits, and a pig. Hailey even got to go for a pony ride.

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