Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle turns 26 today. 

There are so many reasons why I love Kyle. 

I love his fun personality.
I love to get his opinion on everything, even if it annoys him, and even if it annoys me. He is my fashion consultant, my design expert, my chef and my partner in parenting. 
I love that he loves to watch videos on You Tube. Even if I'm half asleep and not interested.
I love that he gets a "tickle" in his stomach while doing summersaults. And I love his giggle afterward.
I love his genuine love and concern for others.
I love how hard he works at whatever he's doing. Even if it means he doesn't come home until 4:30 am.
I love how he encourages me to do things that seem hard to me, but he knows I can do it.
I love seeing how much love he has for me, through the small daily things he does for me.
I love what a great and wonderful husband he is.
I love to see him play with Hailey, and see how much he loves her. Kyle is an awesome dad.
I love Kyle.

Happy Birthday Kyle!


  1. High school doesn't seem so long ago, but look at us all now? Can you believe how far we've all come and how old we've gotten?

    I'm so happy that you guys are happy together. Congratulations on everything you have in life.

    And lastly, Happy Birthday to Kyle!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kyle! I like this little tribute. :) You guys look cute together. Wish I could see you action though.

    And what a way to spend a first birthday! Wowee!!! Hailey is a lucky girl. I don't know if I can live up to that first birthday standard for Jed!



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