Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A month (plus) ago I showed you what Kyle has been working for school (found here). I mentioned that I would show you what he does for work, and then never got around to it. So, without further adieu, here’s a taste of what Kyle has been working on with his professor.


Meet the Urge family. They are split into two groups, the Perks (male and female) and their pet, the Peeve. Peeve is the focus of the above picture, with the two Perks on either side.

Perks and Peeves.

Essentially, Kyle gets paid to make toys. Designer toys. The kind that are just fun to have around on your desk hanging out with you at work.


They come in all different colors. And all different decals.







I think the skeleton and angel are fun.

Three Guys

These are a computer rendering of some other urges Kyle has made. He designed the masks for the red and black guys and designed the blue guy. 

Pretty fun, but what does Kyle do?

Typically Kyle’s professor designs these guys and gives Kyle the files. Kyle then works the files a little bit to make them ready to mill out a mold, mills the molds, and creates.

Urges 1

(Looking at the pictures moving left to right) Start with a big, heavy piece of super dense plastic. Using some super fancy equipment, mill out the mold. Take the finished mold (two pieces for each one, a top and a bottom), and gather supplies.

Urges 2

Now, wax the mold really well. Mix together some chemicals and some dye. Pour it into one half of the mold. Put the other half on top and bolt shut.

Urges 3

Put the mold into the rotomold machine thing (real technical… I know.) Watch it spin! Take the mold out and open it up. Blow some compressed air on it to help work it out of the mold.

Urges 4

Ta-da! A Perk! Now to finish it up. Scrape off the excess material where the top and bottom of the molds came together. Give it a good buff. All done!

Kyle has so much fun working on these. Poor kid, he gets paid to have fun.


  1. sooo cool. I hadn't seen the other designs they are really cool!

  2. Those look awesome. Have you guys decided on any plans for where you are going next?

  3. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing - I didn't realize just how hands-on Kyle's job is. That is awesome!

  4. That is sooo stinkin' cool! Lucky guy.

  5. I was looking at your blog with Jonny. He wants one of those crazy things Kyle made. (: It is so cool to see what Kyle creates. I loved the paper creations too. Wow!



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