Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

I think after having Hailey, Kyle and I have both gained a greater appreciation for our parents. Becoming a parent is very eye opening. So fun, so frustrating, so tiring, so stressful, but also so wonderful. The love and concern I have for Hailey is so different from any love I’ve ever known. I love being a mother. Especially being a mother to my Hailey Joye.

Spring 2011 026_touch up

I hope someday Hailey and I can have the same relationship I have with my mom. My mom is one of my best friends. I love talking with her and spending time with her. I feel lucky to have her in my life.

I also have a wonderful mother-in-law. I have been very fortunate to have known her since high school. It definitely made my transition into marriage so much easier. I’ve never once felt uncomfortable spending time with Kyle’s family. Kyle’s family has always felt like my family.

Mother's Day 2011

  We love our moms! Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Renae,
    You are so beautiful! I'm so happy to see how happy you are and how well life has turned out for you. You deserve all of this goodness! You're a great mom!

  2. I love the picture of you and Hailey swinging together! That is so sweet. And despite the pee incident mentioned on my blog, you are a very good mother! Hailey is lucky to have you!



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