Wednesday, February 1, 2012


02.01.12_touch upTickling the ivories.

My calling in church is the ward choir pianist. I love having a piano playing calling. Which is funny, because I’m really not that good. Especially not music-is-my-life ward choir pianist good. I get along fine, just enough to pass.

My mom taught me piano basics around 7 or 8 years old, and I took formal lessons for about 3 years, from 9-12 years old, I think. After I quit is when I began to play more and really enjoy it.

I’ve played in church many times over the years. Starting with young women’s, then in college, and now in our family ward. Funny thing is, I’m really not that good. I have horrible rhythm. I always have. Ward choir sure tests that.

Even though I feel a little under qualified to play for the choir, I still do it, and I still enjoy it. I do it because I enjoy it, and it’s the only time I get to play. So what, if I make mistakes.

We don’t own a piano. Even if we did, we wouldn’t have a place to put it. We’re cramped enough as it is in our apartment. So, every Wednesday night, after mutual is over, I head to the church and practice for an hour. And then I hope it’s enough to get me through choir practice on Sunday. And if it isn’t, well, then I have a better idea of what areas I need to practice more, and I try again the next week. So far it’s working out well enough. Our choir director is so patient with me- thank goodness!


  1. I always loved how fast you would play the hymns in sacrament meeting. It pains me to sing a long to a sloooow hymn.

  2. I'm sure you're just great! Anyway, callings aren't for perfect people, but to perfect the people. So, you're doing what you're supposed to. We live in a very musically talented ward (our choir director even looks like Josh Groban) and it's great, but sometimes it's nice to see real people do it.

  3. Only practice once a week and still play in church? You sound decent enough to me! That we try is all that matters. :)



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