Thursday, March 1, 2012


03.01.12_1_touch upIt finally snowed! Quick, go enjoy it while you can!

What a mild winter it’s been! We finally got some snow that stuck. Only it to begin to melt away that same day. I had things I was planning on doing, but how could I not take Hailey out to play in the snow while we have it? After her nap, I bundled both of us up and out we went. 

snow 2012

I couldn’t find both of Hailey’s gloves, so for the first while she walked around with her hands in her pockets. I thought it was totally cute.

Hailey loved splashing and playing in the puddles of melted snow. Eventually she wandered into the snow and found a stick. Then she kept entertained by poking holes in the snow.

I almost didn’t go out. I wanted to stay inside, but the mother in me forced me out. And I’m glad. I had so much fun just watching her so simply and quietly enjoy herself.

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