Thursday, September 27, 2012

09.27.12- Some Good Luck

I follow a few food blogs online. One of them being Real Mom Kitchen. Laura, the blogger on Real Mom Kitchen, did a review of a Blendtec blender and was hosting a giveaway for one blender. Occasionally I enter giveaways on blogs, because, why not?

I’ve been wanting a more powerful blender. Hailey and I love smoothies, but I’ve been so afraid that someday my blender would blow up while trying to process through all of the frozen fruit.

Anyway, I saw the post with the giveaway and thought, sure, why not? And guess what? I WON!

For reals. I really, really did win a Blendtec blender this week. Today the UPS truck brought it to my house. And I’ve been super giddy about it ever since.


I have yet to use it. I’ve been waiting for Kyle. Pretty sure he’s as excited about it as I am.

If you don’t know Blendtec, check out their “Will It Blend” videos. Kyle and I used to enjoy watching him blend wood and golf balls and other crazy things.

Anyway, this is a stinking nice blender and I’m really excited about it. I still can’t believe I won it. Who wins things like this anyway? Apparently I did this week. Crazy luck!


  1. That is so awesome for you!!! I never win anything. I guess there is hope, people really do win :) I'll keep entering giveaways!

  2. That is so stinkin cool! I'm jealous. How awesome that you actually won!

  3. That's awesome Renae!!! So exciting :D

  4. That is so freaking cool! I have wanted a blendtec for years, but it just hasn't ever fit into the budget. I have yet to win anything from a blog give away, but you give me hope that maybe someday I can too! Enjoy the blendtec, there is so much you can do with it!



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