Monday, September 10, 2012

Davis County Fair

The Davis County Fairgrounds are just minutes from our house. Admission was free to the fair, so I took Hailey out one morning to check it out.

They had free pony rides. We had to wait in line for 15-20 minutes for Hailey’s turn to ride. But it was free and weren’t in any hurry. I struggled to get a good picture of Hailey riding. She wouldn’t ever look at me. It was a quick ride, but I think she enjoyed it. She seemed pretty excited about it later on.

IMG_3684_touch up

Next to the pony rides was a petting zoo. Hailey liked seeing the animals, but was a little hesitant to touch them.


They had some interesting animals. Like a camel. There was also a wallaby or kangaroo (I don’t know the difference) bouncing around in an enclosure next to the petting zoo.

IMG_3688_touch up

Hailey really liked this hare. I think it’s a hare. Not a rabbit? I don’t know. Either way, she thought he was fun.

IMG_3692_touch up

I took Hailey into the hen house to see the chickens. But she immediately turned to me and said “It stinks in here”. She wasn’t interested in sticking around there. I also took her through the bunny house, but that smelled too much for her too. She’s like me- I’m not so into the animals at the fair, I think they all just smell bad.

There was also a stingray exhibit. We waited in line and saw the stingrays swimming. Stingrays, camels and wallabys at the county fair? That was just funny to me.

To end our outing we shared a small cup of ice cream. Yum! Thanks for the fun Davis County!

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  1. What a funny combination of animals! That's awesome that Hailey got to have a pony ride. Looks fun!



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