Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hailey is so funny these days. She is talking so much (sometimes too much) and creating all of her own sentences. It’s fun to get a peek into what she’s thinking. And her toddler straight forward logic is just great.

Driving in the car one day, Hailey was in a grumpy mood. Kyle was pestering her asking her random questions: What’s your name? How old are you? What’s on your face? etc… Hailey responded with No to all of him questions. Until Kyle asked her, What’s in your nose? She gave a long pause and then cheerfully blurted out My boogers!

Her catch phrase is Don’t miss me! I’ll be right back! We first heard her say it to her Aunt Brittany and roommates while leaving Brittany’s apartment.

We have some sets of Sesame Street flashcards that Hailey loves to look at. She got out the letter cards one day. With her Rara Hill, we were going through them talking about what letters make what sounds. She picked up the letter k. Rara asked her what starts with k. After looking at the picture on the card, Hailey said kite! We asked, what else starts with k? Hailey quickly responded with kangaroo and Kohls!

It’s so fun to see how Hailey is her own little person. She loves to shop. Her favorite stores are Kohls, Target, Home Depot and Costco. Kohls is her absolute favorite. We’ve gone there a couple of times with coupons and left with a shirt or two for her. So she really likes going there, because she expects to leave with new clothes. One day while running errands we were near Kohls. She asked if we could go to Kohls, just for a few minutes. I told her we didn’t have time. She cried the whole way home.

Hailey loves skirts and dresses. She wants to wear one everyday. I get kind of tired of it, only because she wears the same clothes every week. But, I want her to have some independence, so I let her wear what she picks out- within reason. She does do a pretty good job picking out her clothes. Kyle and I have been impressed. Some of her outfits have been a little interesting, but they have always matched. We may have a little fashionista on our hands.

My dad was teaching Hailey to say My name is Hailey in Spanish. He told her to say Me llamo Hailey. She repeated it back to him, broken up. He repeated it again to encourage her to say it as a whole phrase, Me llamo Hailey. She quickly responded back with You’re not Hailey! I’m Hailey, right here! Smart kid.

I can’t forget to mention that we seem to always have guests at dinner. Frequently dinosaurs and pirates. Even a whole family of alligators- a mommy, daddy, baby and sister alligator. Sometimes Hailey comes running to me, informing me of some sort of animal that has invaded our house. But she quickly reassures me that they are nice and won’t eat us.

At naptime and bedtime Hailey always puts in her food order for when she wakes up. And she remembers. She loves food, and is always so concerned about what she will be eating. She recently has started asking me late in the afternoon what we were are having for dinner. She also knows the restaurant routine and often orders her own food. She even asks for her own box to take home her leftovers.

Hailey just cracks us up. She has the funnest personality. We love having her around.


  1. LOVE this!!! I think Aunt Britty has turned her into a shop-a-holic!!! :) and I still laugh when I think about our coversation... "what starts with "K" ? "

  2. Oh man you've got a giant cutie pie on her hands! I can't wait for Brynn to start talking so I can enjoy what is going on in that little head of hers.

  3. Hailey sounds so smart! I'm so glad you're writing these things down...they are priceless!

  4. She is SO cute. She has the best personality. It makes me excited for our little girl. I hope our girl is as awesome as Hailey. :)



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