Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick-or-Treating Recap & A Rather (Un)Scary Dragon (year 2)

Another Halloween has come and gone. For us, it was year two of the dragon. (See year one here.)

just a dragon

I think Hailey was excited to be a dragon again. She kept talking about how scary she was going to be, and how she would breathe fire. She absolutely couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating. We put her costume on a couple of times yesterday before the big event came.

Hailey dragon on the run

Before taking our mandatory Halloween costume pictures, I asked Hailey to put her shoes on, so we could take pictures outside. She quickly responded with, “My feet are too big. My shoes don’t fit.” My first thought was, what is she talking about? Then I looked down at her feet and realized she was totally right (as usual).

large feet

Her dragon feet were much too big for her shoes! This girl and her logic. She outwits me daily.

Hailey’s friend Ellie invited her to go trick-or-treating with her. It was all Ellie’s idea to invite Hailey. She insisted to her mom (a couple of times) that she call me and ask if Hailey could go with her. I thought that was cute.

a dragon (Hailey) and tinkerbell (Ellie)Ellie as Tinkerbell and Hailey as a fire-breathing dragon.

We went to Ellie’s neighborhood and roamed for about an hour. It was great fun! We were in company of friends, and Hailey and Ellie were so excited and having a blast. I’m so glad Ellie invited us, I think it made trick-or-treating even more fun.

Hailey was rather shy at the doorstep. Silly girl. I don’t think I ever heard her say trick-or-treat. It’s possible she did, it was just so quiet I couldn’t hear it from a distance. I did hear her give an occasional Happy Halloween! as she was leaving the doorstep. Hailey is a funny girl, who will take all she can get. Sometimes she struggled to only take one piece of candy. She would take one piece, and then sit and look into the bowl longingly until we ushered her away. I think she occasionally made off with an extra piece of candy. She got plenty of loot and was very happy about how full her bag was at the end. 

Hailey dragon smile2

In my opinion, she was the cutest dragon out there.


  1. TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! It sounds like she had a fun time!!! :)

  2. That costume is still the cutest!!! I love it. Hailey is so cute. I'm glad she had a great Halloween.



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