Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's time for another round of Haileyisms. 

1. Keira had a monster sneeze with snot shooting out of both nostrils and oozing down her face. Hailey's reaction? "That. Was. Awesome!"

2. Totally out of the blue: "Mom, do you wear your underwear in the shower?"

3. While eating a salad Hailey said, "The ranch always gets my little box right here." (Pointed to her neck) "The box with my voice in it."

4. Hailey asked to see what Kacey's dirty diaper looked like. So, I obliged and showed her the yellow mess. "Eew... It looks like mustard! Our poop is brown. Like your hair."

5. I bought some beginning reading books that are full of animal facts. Hailey was reading one on her own about tigers and began sharing facts with me that she had read. 

Hailey: "Did you know tiger cubs stay with their mothers for 2 years?" 
Me: "They do? That's a long time."
Hailey: "No. A thousand years is a long time." 

6. Another of those books is about whales. Hailey has read and informed me and anyone who will listen that the blue whale is as long as a basketball court, it's eyes are as big as softballs, and it's tongue weighs as much as an elephant. She also tells us that the sperm whale can dive the deepest of all the whales. 

While swimming Hailey jumped into the water from the side of the pool. When she surfaced she announced, "I went as deep as a sperm whale!"

7. It is soccer season again. During one of Hailey's first games she scored a goal. She was of course overjoyed. She exclaimed, "It went in just like a squirt bottle!".

8. I don't remember the exact details of the conversation, but Hailey mentioned something about Kacey being a big sister. I kind of discounted that idea. I'm not so sure that she will be a big sister, she may always be the little sister. Hailey countered that idea and told me, "I think you have two more eggs."

Hailey reading Keira books before her nap.

When she isn't at school in the afternoon, Hailey has taken over the duty of putting Keira in her bed for a nap. She takes her to the bathroom to go potty, then brings her in her room and reads a few books in her bed, turns out the light and closes the door. Such a huge help for me! Plus, Keira actually listens to her. Keira tells me she isn't tired and puts up a fight. This way I can do what I need to, which usually is to feed Kacey, Keira actually gets a good solid nap in, and Hailey gets in some practice reading. Yay for big sisters! :)


  1. Wow, that is amazing that Hailey puts Keira down for a nap! What an awesome sister! And I love her reaction to the snot on her face..haha.

  2. I need to meet this girl. She sounds so sweet and hilarious. "Two more eggs." Hahaha



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