Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Time has flown. Like is totally zipping by at ultra speed right now. I can't keep up! Kacey is already 3 months old, nearing on 4. I totally missed posting 2 month pictures, which doesn't matter too much, because honestly they were taken when she was nearly 3 months old anyway. This is life at the moment, I'm usually trailing behind. But today I am getting caught up. Hailey is at school, Keira is off playing with Rara Park, and Kacey is taking a nice afternoon nap.

So, let's talk Kacey.

She's getting big. Just like her sisters. She is already sporting 6 month clothing and I'm thinking I need to start digging for 9 and 12 month soon. Either the clothes we had for the other two girls have shrunk over the years, or Kacey is tall. Maybe both.

Those smiles. They make the mid-night feedings worth it. Even if the smiles come at 4 am. It is getting easier and easier to get Kacey to flash a big gummy smile. She is so close to laughing. She makes a little noise like she wants to laugh, but it isn't a full on baby giggle yet. Soon!

Her coos and oohs are equally adorable. Conversations with her are the best. She has to be in the right mood for it, but when she is all other cares melt away.

Kacey is picky. She is picky about how she is held and who she goes to. Her preferred hold is facing forward with her back to your chest, fully upright. She wants to see the world and be a part of it. If she is fussing, this hold will typically calm her right down. It's like magic. Yet again, we didn't get a snuggly baby. She may not snuggle, but she does have a preference for Kyle and I. Honestly, this girl may cause us trouble in the future. She will often cry for anyone but Kyle and I. The second Kyle or I take her, she settles right down. Though, I do think she's making improvements on being a bit more friendly, at least towards her grandparents. Unfortunately she is not the most friendly with strangers. While I was changing her diaper in a public restroom a nice woman commented on how cute she is and leaned in a little closer to look at her. Kacey immediately errupted. Little miss sensitive.

She has begun to grasp toys, mostly in the past week or so. Of course once she snags it, it heads straight for her mouth. Her mouth is where her hands spend a good part of her time, along with her blanket. It's amazing how a fist full of blanket will calm her down.

Sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep... This is what I wish she would do all night long. Actually she really doesn't do too bad, if I was willing to go to bed at 7 or 7:30. Kacey's first nighttime stretch of sleep extends for 4-6 hours, but starts early. I'm usually up feeding her by 12:00 or 1:00 am. And then every 2-3 hours after that until about 6 am when she's ready to play. Lately I've been able to get her back to sleep after that so I can sneak in another hour for myself. She is starting to become more consistent in her daytime sleep, though I really haven't hammered down a good schedule for her yet. I'm sure if it was just the two of us all day we'd have something figured out. Unfortunately for her she is the third child and is drug all over the place while I run errands or take her sisters places to play. Typically though she wakes, eats, plays for an hour and then sleeps again, but only long enough to be ready to eat again two hours after her last feeding. Though by the afternoon she will settle down for a longer nap.

Her sisters absolutely adore her. They love to hold her and play with her. Especially Hailey. Kacey gives Hailey some of the best smiles. Now that Kacey can sit up in a bumbo seat it's fun to watch her as she watches her sisters play. She tracks them all around the room as they run around together. It really won't be too long before she'll be running around with them too.

We blessed Kacey over Labor Day weekend. Kyle's parents flew into town, and his cousins from Colorado made the drive out to spend the weekend with us. Kyle of course gave her a fantastic blessing, centered on being of service to others. Kyle said as he held Kacey in his arms just before beginning the blessing, that Kacey looked right at him and gave him the most tremendous smile. It was a sweet moment for him. Kacey's beautiful lacy eyelet dress was made by her Rara Hill. She looked adorable in it.

Kacey previously had wanted to be held constantly. As she has grown she has become more ok with being put down. That has made life easier. It's still busy with her frequent feedings, but at least she's more content to be entertained by objects around her.

We love you Kacey K!

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  1. What pretty eyes she has! You describing all these baby things reminds me off all the precious AND exhausting moments!!!



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