Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Kyle is such a romantic. Just look at the card he gave me for Valentine's Day.

Aren't I one lucky girl? :)

I'm just teasing. I really do love the card. And I really am one lucky girl. Obviously Kyle is the opposite of romantic. But that's ok, because so am I. I'd much prefer this card over any other sort of lovey dovey card.

But really, as you can tell, Kyle and I don't concern ourselves much with Valentine's Day. He did give me that card, which cracked me up, and still does. It was so unexpected. I saw the card in the envelope and thought, "Oh, that was nice! He gave me a card." I really didn't expect even that much. And then I opened it and laughed. As part of Kyle's Valentine's Day protest he gave me the card a day or two early. He's funny.

I, on the other hand waited until Valentine's Day. I found a para cord bracelet Kyle has been wanting and gave that to him with a punny card.

I tweaked the file a little bit and adjusted it to be a thank you card, downloadable on my other blog.

For the girls I gave them each a Valentine's Day book and something from the dollar section at Target. We also dined on heart shaped french toast for breakfast.

Holidays are fun for kids. No matter what it is. I'll do something a little extra special because I know they'll love it, even if I'm not totally into it. I do admit, the heart shaped french toast was extra fun, even for me.

We had a few friends over in the morning for a fun Valentine's Day playgroup. We did a small craft, that didn't work out just right. Oh well, that's what happens when I plan things at the very last minute. Like the morning of. The kids ran around and played and had fun- that was the real purpose of it.

Kyle's parents flew into town that afternoon. They came to spend President's Day weekend with us. It was a special treat to have them here on Valentine's Day too! We celebrated with dinner at Brick Oven and then afterwards me, Kyle, his dad, and his sister Brittany went to the shooting range. An additional part of my Valentine's to Kyle was that I found some 9mm ammo at the store (it is pretty hard to find these days). We took Kyle's pistol and rifle to shooting range and had some fun.

Nothing more romantic than a night at the shooting range. :) It really was fun!

We spent the rest of our weekend playing, shopping, eating, and relaxing. It was kind of nice that the holiday landed on the weekend of another holiday!

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