Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh the Weather Outside is... Awesome!

The weather here the past couple of weeks has been fabulous! Upper 50's in February/March! The snow has finally melted and the precipitation that we've received has been in the form of rain, rather than snow. I love it! 

It's still not quite warm enough to spend all day, everyday outside, but we have still made it out to the park a good number of times. It feels so good. I spent a good deal of January and February working hard to keep up to date on my other blog where I document the things and stuff I make and do. I started the year with a goal to post there twice a week, and here once a week. And I did it for pretty much the entirety of January and February. And then I got burnt out. This nice weather has been a great excuse to break free of the schedule I had dictated for myself, let loose and have some fun with my girls. And I feel so much better! 

When it first began to warm up, Hailey begged me to pull out the new (to us) outdoor kitchen we recently bought. We found it one Saturday during a treasure hunting trip to DI. Nearly everyday since we bought it Hailey had been asking to play with it. It has sat in the garage waiting for warmer days. Once it was slightly warm outside (like upper 40's) I finally pulled it out for Hailey to play with. She was ecstatic! And played with it for a grand total of 5 minutes. :) Typical, right? She spent the rest of her time grabbing each of her outside toys and playing with all of them. It was like Christmas!

Hailey found these awesome glasses in the garage. They are actually 3-D glasses from the movie theater she had kept after seeing a movie. She modeled them for me, in her typical silly way. 

Yay for nice weather! Maybe it will stay for good!? Fingers and toes crossed...

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  1. LOVE that girl!!! I think the next time she is here she needs to make a trip to Papa's office and pick out some NEW sunglasses!!!



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