Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We have spent so much time outdoors. It has been spectacular. So many play dates at the park, and evening walks with Kyle. Yay for Spring! Today it was even warm enough that after our walk to the park we busted out some popsicles!

Keira has started saying hi and bye. It is the cutest thing. Her little soft high pitched voice puts a smile on my face everytime. Her hi and bye paired with a wave... to die for. So cute.

Hailey's artistic abilities are blooming. I love seeing it develop. My two most recent favorite drawings of hers are of Turbo (top image) and a jellyfish (bottom image). If you are unaware, Turbo is a snail. :)

Kyle has been out in the yard cleaning up after winter, and clearing out the remaining bed of rocks that was underneath our (now non-existent) deck. We're getting ready for a Spring backyard overhaul. Hopefully by the end of the summer we'll have a nice backyard to enjoy!

I have been busy playing outside with Hailey and Keira. Trying to do a little blogging on the side, but not getting to it as often as I'd like. Attempting to keep up with cleaning and laundry, but opting to play more often than not.

The screen on my laptop went out. So, we're down to one computer. I know... boo hoo, poor us. But that means Kyle and I have to share! Oh well, worse things could happen, right?

Not so recently, but I never shared it, the girls did face masks. My sister, Corinne, wanted to do a face mask. So, me, Hailey and Keira joined in. Our first girls night. :)

We recently played with some non-Newtonian fluid. It's a mix of cornstarch and water that when resting acts as a fluid. When force is applied it acts solid. It is some fantastically fun stuff!

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  1. We need to try that non-Newtonian "fancy" stuff! :) I've been having a hard time getting things done too. Yay for Spring! Happy you've been able to be outside so much.



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