Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swimming Lessons

In the first of June, we started off our summer with two weeks of swim lessons. 

Hailey did great. She loves to play in the water. I was a little worried how'd she'd do this year, after a very brief and scary (for her) underwater episode Hailey had last year. After finding herself alone underwater for a couple of seconds she became extremely hesitant to get back into the water. This year she seems to have forgotten (or gotten over it) and is back at it. She takes no hesitation in dunking her whole head underwater. A little ice cream bribery from Rara may have helped that. :)

Hailey was very enthusiastic at her lessons. Multiple times I heard an excited "Meeee!" out of her, volunteering for a turn to practice swimming. I'm so glad she enjoys spending time in the water.

The last day she was treated to a sucker, which may or may not have been the highlight of the two weeks of swimming. That and the game, "Alligator, alligator, what time is it?"

We signed up for lessons with Grace. The girls were in the same level, but ended up with different teachers. That's ok, we at least were able to say hi after lessons, and I had someone to sit and chat with during the 45 minutes while Hailey swam. 

We've worked to improve our swimming, now we're ready for Papa and Rara's pool!


  1. Hailey is so awesome! Lily's form of dunking her head is getting her ears wet ;) lol.



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