Friday, July 11, 2014


Life has been crazy as of recently. When I say crazy, I mean busy, and fun, and good. But crazy! Here is a bit of a recap of the past 6-ish weeks. The majority of this list will show up on the blog in it's own post in time. Maybe after I can get a handle on the wreck in our house that has built up that I can't seem to control. Or maybe I'll just put off the cleaning and blog anyway (like I am now). :)

1. The biggest item was my sisters wedding. Corinne and Taylor were married at the end of the month. (Yay!) All of June pretty much worked up to this one day. It was a great day, with no major hiccups. Except for the battle at the restraunt during the luncheon with our overly tired toddler. :)

2. The weekend before the wedding I hitched a ride with my parents up to Washington for a wedding Open House. It was a fast and furious trip. But I was still able to squeeze in some time with a couple of friends and some lunch at Bruchi's. 

3. We tore up our backyard and brought in new topsoil. It's kind of sad that it looks better now that it is just dirt. Sod soon? Maybe?

4. We had solar panels installed on the roof of our home. Yes, we're a little bit crazy (in a good way). No, we're not hippy. But our home is making electricity from the sun, which is very awesome.

5. Hailey did swim lessons. She did great. That girl is always so enthusiastic. Unless it's something she doesn't want to do. ;)

6. Kyle and I ran a 5K. I really really really don't like running. But I did it. Last year I said I would run one, and I didn't. This year Kyle held me to it. Why is he so good at getting me to do things I don't want to do? We didn't run in a formal race. I just can't bring myself to pay to run. I did miss out on the swag though. I really wanted a t-shirt. If I'm going to run that far, I want a stinkin' t-shirt. (Thank you to Brittany for snagging me one from the race she helped organize weeks later while I was out of town! Now I have my t-shirt. :) We mapped out our own course on Google Maps and went for it. I ran the entire thing. Amazing. Seriously. I did pretty good until 3/4 of the way through and then I began to struggle. But I pushed through it. Honestly, it feels good that I've done it. Do I want to do it again? Probably not. Will I do it again? With Kyle around... most likely. :)

My post 5K "I did it!" picture.
7. After watching every episode of Top Gear available on Netflix, Kyle has introduced me to the world of SeaQuest DSV. Basically it's Star Trek under the water. This is what we have spent our evenings together watching. Yes, we're a bit nerdy.

8. Our 4th of July was a fun filled busy weekend spent with all of the Hills and our dearest friend Jeanie. (Love you Jeanie!) It included a day at Lagoon, The Lego Movie, cinnamon roll cake and donuts for breakfast (it's a holiday, so it's ok, right?) Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood and up close fireworks (which Hailey slept through... we didn't even try with Keira, she stayed with my parents), a day of shopping at IKEA, Cabelas and the outlet mall, and then we topped it all off on Sunday with baby Aiden's baby blessing followed by lunch and outdoor games at a park.

9. The girls and I hit up Chick-fil-A for their annual Cow Appreciation Day. We brought Rara along with us. She even dressed up too... she had to, I made her a costume. There isn't much that beats free Chick-fil-A!

I just love that Keira is missing one cow ear and all but one of her spots.

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  1. It does sound like you've been busy! But the best kind, the fun kind. Glad you are all having a wonderful summer. And way to go on the 5k!



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