Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why Do We Have to Grow Up?

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. Like when I have to sit down and do boring things like pay bills and fold laundry. Since my childhood is behind me and I'm only getting older (let's try to forget what birthday I have coming up later this year) I'm glad that I have two adorable little girls to relive it with.

I really have so much fun just watching them play. Sadly, I don't stop and watch often enough. Why is life so stinking busy? While clicking through the picture folders on the computer, I found these photos from a time a few weeks ago when I stopped and just watched them play.

I love the baby squat.

This will be a gem when these two are 16. :)
I so wish grown-up life were as simple as chalk drawings and fighting imaginary dragons (one of Hailey's favorite park games to play). Why do we have to grow up? Maybe it's so we can experience it all over again with someone else.

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  1. Amen! Funny thing is, I don't feel a day older than about 18. Turning 30 is going to a hard one for me! Good thing we have these kids to keep us young.



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