Friday, June 13, 2014

Creative Play

I love this four-years old age. I say that I love Keira's age because she is just so stinking cute and nearly irresistible to give into. But I just love the age Hailey is in as well. She can do so many more things- everyday is gaining more and more independence. Part of that independence is thinking for herself. She is learning the difference between right and wrong choices, and trying so hard to be good- I see how happy she is when she knows she has made a right choice. She absolutely does not always make the right choice, but either do I. 

I have seen so much growth in her. She knows and understands so much. We can have fairly intelligent conversations. For example, Kyle and I recently ordered a new mattress topper for our bed. It came just the other day and Hailey helped me pull it out of the packaging and place it on the bed to air out. The next day driving in the car, completely out of the blue, she asked, "How is your new air mattress?" (It is not an air mattress, but I love the confusion). It took me by surprise. She was genuinely interested and making conversation with me about it.

She can be set to task to do things on her own, like check the mail, dust the bookselves (she even takes all of the books off and puts them back without me asking!), cleans her room, vacuums her room, puts away her folded clothes, and can be let out of sacrament meeting at church for a quick trip to the bathroom all on her own. It is fantastic! While I am constantly caring for Keira, Hailey has become a bit self-sufficient.

My favorite surprise of recent has been the creativity Hailey has shown in play. I have just a few pictures of her creativity that has struck me as a bit genius. Things I would never have thought to do- probably because I am no longer four-years old.

First up: Hailey and friend Grace held a double wedding one afternoon. I love their use of play construction safety vests as veils, play skirts as dresses, pom poms as flowers, and animals as grooms. 

Second: Hailey used doll diapers as saddles for her horses. Our Little People figurines take a ride by laying underneath the saddle to hold them in place.

Third: Hailey pulled out our sled (which we have yet to use in snow!) out of storage in the basement. She attached the pull cord to the back of Keira's Jeep and pulled Keira all around the living room. They both had a blast! Keira was all giggles and squeals.

What an awesome girl Hailey is. She is really growing up. I love seeing these new aspects of her emerge. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow. Being her mom is the best job ever.


  1. Those diapers look like they were meant for horses! Also, kudos to you for teaching Hailey all those everyday chores! Amazing. Hailey sounds like quite the independent little girl, capable of not getting too distracted on her way in and out of sacrament meeting. You should be a very proud mama.

  2. She sounds like a pretty awesome kid to me! I love this.

  3. Wow, she really is creative! And that is so cute that she was really interested in making conversation. What a great girl!



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