Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Where Did the Summer Go!?

This summer disappeared so fast! It is already mid-September and I am having Lagoon withdrawals. Boo...

I say that, but to be honest I absolutely love the fall. The crisp air, the feeling of change, a new start with a new school year, football games, Halloween, apple cider and hot chocolate... (and my birthday, but we're skipping it this year). 

I'm not ready to completely say goodbye to summer on the blog yet. I guess that's the advantage of being behind on posting, I can keep it summer as long as I want!

August ended up being fairly cool and wet this year. It was pretty nice actually. Especially for our brand new lawn we put in. No worries over it not getting enough water! One evening when a summer rainstorm set in the girls put on their swim suits and went out to play. And because it just looks hilarious, I gave them each a floatie to wear as they ran around.

Hailey had a blast! She ran up and down the side walk screaming and splashing!

Keira on the other hand thought a bit more about it and mostly watched. (With one piggie in, one piggie out.)

It didn't take too long before Keira was done. I don't blame her, it was actually just under 60 degrees out there. Not exactly swimsuit weather. Hailey didn't care and played a bit longer until I dragged her inside to warm up.

That August weather some days felt a bit more like fall. It was so refreshing! Now it nearly is fall, everyone is back in school and back to a routine we go again. (Though not yet on the blog- I still have yet to blog about our vacation we FINALLY took at the end of August.

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  1. haha! This is awesome! Keep the summer posts coming! :)



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