Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haileyisms: 4 1/2 years

It's time for another installment of Haileyisms. Please excuse the potty humor, it's just a part of growing up life at our house. :)

1. Little girls all need to learn how to properly wipe their bum after using the bathroom. Hailey is no different. One day Hailey ran off to use the bathroom and Kyle called after her to "wipe good". She yelled back, "You wipe good!" and then a "Yes ma'am!"

2. Hailey sat on the toilet going #1. Keira was in the bathroom observing. With the tinkling of the pee hitting in the porcelin Hailey said to Keira, "You like that music?

3. I asked Hailey a question. She responded by walking around in circles saying "I'm loading... I'm thinking, so I'm loading."

4. Hailey asking for my help said to me "Come here party pants."

5. After a bike ride home from work, Kyle sat at the kitchen table resting. Hailey excited to see Kyle, burst out of the playroom and from the top of the stairs announced "Dad I have something to tell you". She then came down stairs and leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear "It's a secret." Then in a deep voice "I'm Batman!"

6. I overheard Hailey speaking to Keira, "When I was a little girl..." Because now she is a big girl and those days of being a little girl are so far gone from her... I mean, she is nearly 5.

7. While I was tucking the girls into bed Hailey went in for the bedtime hug, She then surprised me with "Are you ready for this big squeeze? It might shake your bones out." (Apparently Kyle has said something similar to her before.)

8. I watch Hailey's friend Cate for a few hours each week in the afternoon after she gets home from preschool. Cate loves to show off to Hailey what she made that day. The two had gotten into her backpack without me realizing it. Not knowing what they were doing all I heard was "Mom, Cate lost her eyeball... Oh, here it is!" (Cate's cute ladybug craft had lost it's googly eye, not Cate's own eyeball.)

9. Hailey announced to me one afternoon that she had decided on a new name for herself. Batgirl Dangerous. "Just call me Batgirl Dangerous. When I need to clean up my room say, Batgirl Dangerous come clean up your room. Then I'll go clean it super fast!"

10. Upon leaving Papa and Rara's house one evening Hailey told them "Next time let's do something fun when my mom's not looking."

11. Not long after the girls had been tucked into bed Kyle and I heard thumping upstairs coming from their bedroom. I peeked my head in to see Hailey laying in bed. I didn't say anything to her, but she looked at me and said "I was practicing my jumping jacks so I can do them fast!" I walked back downstairs laughing to myself.

12. We have been practicing counting to 100. Hailey was counting to herself and came up to me excited, "I found a fast way to get to 100! 99... 100."

13. I love Hailey's curiosity. She is always asking me questions that I often have no answer for. The two I have written down are, "Why did Jesus send thunder to earth?" and in reference to the ceiling fan hanging above our kitchen table,
"How did the construction guys make that fan?


  1. Smart little girl! She's witty and hilarious. Keep it up, Batgirl Dangerous. (P.S. I really need to start writing this stuff down for my own boys!)

  2. I could read these all day it!



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