Monday, October 6, 2014

My Birthday Surprise

All last week I had been fretting over what I was going to do on my birthday. It couldn't be any ordinary day. I was turning 30, it needed to be good.

I mentioned to Kyle that I was thinking about taking the girls during the day into Salt Lake City and playing around there. I wanted something fun to do. Turns out Kyle had other plans for me. A little over a week before the big day Kyle called me while he was at work and told me he had bought my birthday present so I couldn't look at our bank account. This about killed me, but I was good and I didn't look. A day or two before my birthday Kyle then told me that I had a package coming for me on the morning of my birthday. I needed to stick around home because I had to sign for it. This got me curious. And drove me nuts. (I love to figure out what my presents are. I always have. And I tend to be right.)

On my birthday morning I finished up a blog post I had started while the girls watched a movie. We don't usually do that, but it's my birthday, why not? I took my time getting dressed, I didn't have anywhere to go that morning, I was stuck waiting around for a package. By the time I was ready to get dressed it was prime delivery hours and I didn't want to miss the package. I can't always hear the door from my bathroom, so I didn't shower or do my hair and make up. My mom showed up just as I was getting lunch ready. That darn package still hadn't shown up! My mom offered for me to shower, but I decided to continue to take my time. What's the hurry? I was still waiting for the package. Finally a knock at the door... I opened it only to see Kyle standing there smiling at me! 

He told me to pack up and pack the girls up, we were taking off for the evening! Of course, I had been waiting around for a fake package and hadn't gotten ready. So, off to the shower I went while Kyle and my mom fed the girls lunch and packed up their bag. Kyle didn't give me any details of where we were going, except that he said I would need a jacket, some gloves and a swim suit.

Turns out Kyle had made reservations for the two of us to stay kid free overnight up Provo Canyon at Sundance Resort. Hooray! And our room had a porch with a swing and a private hot tub. Double hooray!  When we arrived we checked in, and pretty quickly found ourselves soaking in the hot tub. I love to be warm and absolutely love hot tubs, so of course this was perfect. We then enjoyed dinner at the Foundry Grill and completely stuffed ourselves. Back to the hot tub we went and then some relaxing while we tried not to watch the terrible BYU football game. 

The next morning Kyle surprised me again with a photography class. I've thought it would be fun to take one for a little while now, but haven't ever done it. I think Kyle signing me up would be the only way it would have happened, which I'm grateful for. Annalisa, our neighbor from when we rented a house in Provo, is a photographer and teaches photography classes at Sundance. Kyle called and requested her as the instructor, which was awesome. It was fun to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in 3 years!

I learned a few new pointers, but a good portion was review. The review was good. I have become a very lazy photographer. This class re-instilled a determination in myself to try a little harder to think more before taking the picture. I loved that the class was one-on-one, so I could ask any questions I wanted. It really was pretty awesome, and definitely something I wouldn't have ever done for myself. 


After the class, Paul came up and met up with Annalisa. They invited us to go to lunch with them. It was a lot of fun eating lunch and chatting with them. They were good neighbors. I'd take them back any day! 

So, Kyle really came through on my scariest of birthdays yet. I seriously had no clue he had any of this up his sleeve! It was so fun to have surprise after surprise pulled on me. Kyle said he was excited to do it. Win-win for us both, right? 

Now a few days later, I am officially 30 years old and it doesn't seem so bad...yet. :)

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  1. Cute jacket! And what a thoughtful husband. That sounds like an awesome birthday! Glad the big 30 was a good day for you.



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