Friday, December 19, 2014

Fall Photo Dump: November

I finally have part 3 of the Fall Photo Dump ready to share! (Part 1 and Part 2

November was a busy month. Really, once we hit Halloween life stays fairly busy until the new year. Hailey's birthday is a week after Halloween, Kyle's is a week after Hailey's and Thanksgiving is just two weeks after Kyle's. Of course after Thanksgiving it's all about Christmas and then we relax. :) 

Hailey's birthday fell on a Saturday this year. She had a busy day. Her partying started Friday night when my parent's took her via the train to Salt Lake City to make her own bear at Build-A-Bear. Saturday morning we hosted a birthday party, then Hailey was wisked away to lunch with her fabulous Aunts and Uncle, after which Kyle took Hailey out to the movie theater to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, and then it was dinner and opening family gifts. Whew! That is a lot to do for a 5 year old! She had a blast of a birthday.

We don't do birthday parties every year- too much work and money (and she gets way too spoiled with presents)! But, turning 5 is a big deal, so it merited a birthday party. Not just any birthday party, a Batgirl birthday party. We had masks and capes for all of the attendees, a photo booth, and Kyle set up a batcave in the family room with bats hanging from the ceiling. The girls practiced their Batgirl skills by tossing bat-a-rang bean bags, and by playing pin the bat-a-rang on the robber. Of course we finished up with cupcakes and presents. I was a little unsure how the Batgirl party would be received, it's not the traditional princess party most of the girls her age have. The girls loved it! They all wore the masks and capes and were super excited about entering the batcave. A big part of this party wouldn't have happened without Kyle. Like most of it. I did the masks and capes, cupcakes and invitations. Kyle did the rest. He is awesome, boy am I lucky!

And then came Thanksgiving. We drove to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with Kyle's family at his aunt's house. It was the perfect weekend. We had a blast. There was a Turkey Table Tennis Tournament complete with brackets (both winning and losing), a night of Bingo with Target dollar spot item prizes, a fun run (2 miles, 4 miles, and a kids 100 yard dash), the girls watched enough movies to last them an entire year, we ate amazing amounts of delicious food, mostly not the healthiest-and loved it, did some shopping, and just relaxed. It was great. We were sad to come back home to real life again.

Admittedly, I didn't even bring the camera. We were packing so much stuff already I didn't want to add another thing to our load, and I just felt like enjoying the week and not feeling any pressure to document it. Luckily Kyle's mom snapped pictures on her phone and shared them with me!

Ok. Now we're all caught up. Bring on Christmas!

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