Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fall Photo Dump- October

Part 2 of my Fall Photo Dump surrounds October. (Here's part 1, if you missed it.) October was a good, but busy month with my birthday, a surprise stay at Sundance for Kyle and I, a visit from Kyle's parents, and of course it was topped off by Halloween.

Mid-October Kyle's parents traveled down to Utah for a weekend visit. We enjoyed an afternoon at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point, a BYU football game, and an easy going Sunday walk around Lagoon up to Farmington Pond.

In an attempt to document a little bit more of everyday life, one morning I pulled out the camera during breakfast. Keira is the biggest mess maker, maybe that's why all of the pictures ended up being of her. (Notice the size of her spoon. Cracks me up!)

I love the sequence in the last three pictures. Typically the girls will make this face at each other (it's Keira's where's my dinner face) and then they bust up laughing.

Next up: November.


  1. I seem to remember a picture of you eating with a spoon that size... :)

    1. Ha! I totally forgot about that. You're right. She must be my child.



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