Friday, August 15, 2008

It's over!

This summer of madness is OVER! Hooray! Kyle just finished up classes on Monday, turned in his portfolio on Thursday and found out today (Friday) that he was accepted into the Industrial Design program! I think he's feeling super relieved and super happy that it's all over. Now he has 2 weeks to relax before classes start up. Even though he'll be going back to school, he won't have as much pressure on him because he's already been accepted and is done applying! I'm so happy and excited for him. He loves his classes and all the things he's learned so far, and he's super excited to learn even more. To be honest I'm a little jealous, he was telling me that he gets to take whole classes on Illustrator, Photoshop, and graphic design! That would be so fun. Maybe I can get him to teach me a few things... :)

To celebrate and relax, Kyle headed home to Kennewick today. He drove home with Curtis, my brother. They are going to be gone until Saturday, August 23. I'm pretty much a loner this next week. It's ok... I'm plenty busy at work right now... which by the way I am totally working full-time now. It makes me happy.

Things seem to be going really well for us right now. I just can't wait until Kyle is back and maybe the two of us can spend a little one on one time together... which we really haven't had in what feels like forever.


  1. You got the job? Congratulations! I hope you have a good week even without Kyle.

  2. Cute, cute blog! Look how cute you made it look! Fun! Congrats on the job. It is fun to read about what's going on.

  3. I love your new picture on top. It is very cute. Also, every once in a while I look at your pictures and think...they got married! I would never have guessed. I am still so happy for you though. You guys are great for each other.

  4. I really love your layout and pictures at top!!! Good job!



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