Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crochet Projects- Finally!

Way back in March my mom showed me some basics of crochet. I started out making a bag. I didn't finished that until a few weeks ago. But... I didn't like it so I took it all apart. After the bag I started working on a hat. The first time I made it, somehow it ended up being way too big. So I took it apart. I made it again, this time smaller, but I didn't like my seams. So I took it apart. I made it again, but I didn't like the look of it. So I took it apart. I made it again and this time finished it. I'm not totally satisfied with it, but I really wanted to actually complete something. I have some work ahead of me to perfect it. It's a bit big for Hailey, it'll fit her someday. The next one I make I want to try to make smaller to fit her. The difficult thing for me is taking an adult pattern and turning it into an infant pattern, while knowing not much about crochet and nothing about pattern making. Anyway... this has been my adventure for the summer. 

My model wouldn't hold still or leave the hat on.

So I borrowed my model's soccer ball, because it wouldn't go anywhere.

These are all of the things I've crocheted so far that I haven't taken apart. On the left is a daisy washcloth (I am thinking of using it as a trivet instead), center is the hat, on the right is a wallet (I kind of want to take it apart and make it smaller and use only one button. The two buttons look like eyes. I don't like it looking at me.) The fabric behind the wallet is what I plan to line it with.


  1. Renae you are so talented these look so good! The stitching is so even! Good job!

  2. You have much more patience than me! The hat is so cute!



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