Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hailey’s vocabulary is really starting to blossom. She has been surprising me with some of the words she has been saying. I know she understands everything we say, but now she is starting to vocalize her thoughts.

One day I dug out some bins of old toys my parents had in the garage. I opened up one of the bins, Hailey looked inside and exclaimed “Wow! Thank you!”.

Hailey has heard my parents yelling at Corinne from downstairs that it’s time to go somewhere (usually church). One day my mom was doing just that and Hailey came up behind her yelling upstairs “Corinne (kin), Corinne. Time to go!”

I gave Hailey some string cheese one day. I unwrapped it for her and she ran off into another room. I went and threw the wrapper in the trash and slowly made my way over to follow her. Before I could get out of the kitchen I heard little running footsteps and soon saw the concerned face of my toddler girl. She quickly spat out a whole string of gibberish, telling me something obviously important to her. I asked her what happened and she ran back to where she came from. I spotted Lucy, my parents dog, sitting on the couch with Hailey’s string cheese in her mouth, looking very guilty.

Getting ready for church one day (running a little late, of course) I was busy in the kitchen cutting up snacks for Hailey. I turned around and spotted Hailey coming out of the laundry room with a scoopful of laundry detergent and watched her pour it all over the floor. I stopped what I was doing and quickly cleaned it up. I went back to the kitchen, made Hailey a quesadilla, took her over to the steps and instructed her to sit right there, not to move, and eat it. I went upstairs to finish getting ready. Kyle came downstairs to find Hailey sitting on the steps, with no quesadilla, but with Lucy a few feet away crouched under the chair in the living room with a quesadilla in her jaws. Hailey was obedient in that she didn’t move, but she fed her quesadilla to the dog. Then after coming home from church, I was relaying all that happened that morning to my mom, when Corinne spotted Hailey with a pencil drawing on the wall. And Grandma just laughed. Because that’s what she does, because she’s Grandma and she can do that.   

Sitting outside on the patio one night with the door open, Hailey spotted Lucy creeping to the door from inside the house. Hailey beckoned her to come outside saying, “Lucy. Lucy. Side. Side.” while patting her leg with her hand. When Lucy came outside she exclaimed “Yay!” and clapped for Lucy.

At the store with Hailey, she won’t allow anyone to push the cart except for me. If my mom pushes the cart she pushes her hands away and asks for me. Then says “thank you” when I push the cart instead.

“Thank you” is heard expressed by Hailey as often if not more often than “more” these days.

Hailey is obsessed with airplanes. Anytime she hears one she perks up, looks up and points to the sky and says “See. See.” or “Airplane” or any combination of those two. Once the airplane has flown out of eyesight she holds her hands out to the side and says what sounds like “Where’d it go?” all smashed the together.

Hailey is getting really good at telling you what she wants by gesturing and speaking gibberish. It’s kind of like playing charades. But not. But totally adorable.

She has definitely started sharing her opinions on what she does and doesn’t want. In just the past week Hailey has gotten pretty good at giving us a head shake for no.

What an entertaining girl!

IMG_1908_touch up


  1. She has such a fabulous personality! Love that girl!

  2. lol Renae!! I love this picture of Hailey!!! ahhhhh! :) ps... this is melese :)



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