Sunday, February 12, 2012


02.12.12_touch up“Fish are friends, not food.”

Alright, this is my most delayed, forgotten, and deprived post of recently. Back in October we bought a fish tank and a few fish to go along with it as an early birthday present for Hailey. Hailey’s Uncle Kris has a saltwater tank that she loves to look at when we visit his place. So, we thought Hailey would love having her own fish in her room.

Wrong. Apparently the fish are only cool when they are at someone else’s house.

Anyway, the fish are here to stay, for now at least. We started with three fish (technically four, but we took back one meanie-head fish that bullied the others) and have slowly added more fish. We now have nine. And I think Kyle is the only one that really cares a little bit about them. I guess I do care a little bit, I do feed them.

Hailey does love the pet store. Anytime we mention going to the pet store she perks right up and gets so excited. Petco has super cute small sized carts that Hailey loves to push around. Here are the pictures I took when we first took Hailey to the store to buy her fish tank.

IMG_3155_touch upIMG_3161_touch up


  1. You guys are so smart starting with fish. We got a cat in Nov. and Bryant totally regrets it!

    I love Hailey's face at Petco, so cute!

  2. So cute! I love her little jeans. Fish seem like a good place to start. Jed looves animals too. In fact, I heard we could "volunteer" to walk the dogs at the shelter. What a day that will be!



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