Wednesday, February 15, 2012


02.15.12_touch upTo eat a cupcake or a cookie? How about a cupcake AND a cookie!

Once a month Kyle and his coworkers have a birthday lunch at work. Being men, they grill some sort of meal for themselves. Today was brats.

I like to make treats. Way too often. And I don’t want it all in my house, because I’ll eat it all. So, I send most of whatever I’ve made to work with Kyle.

This month I was volunteered to make a cake for their birthday lunch. So Kyle and I made funfetti cupcakes, because cake always tastes better when there’s sprinkles in it. Since Hailey has a brand new apron, I needed to do some baking with her. So, yesterday Hailey and I made Orange Creamsicle Cookies (which I found via Pinterest- are you seeing a trend? Pinterest is beginning to dictate my life.)

Since I didn’t want all the cookies in our house, I had a plate for Kyle to take to work with him. Kyle decided it would be a better idea to put the cookies on top of the cupcakes. Which actually turned out to be a good idea, because when we covered the pan with foil, the cookies prevented the frosting from sticking to the foil. Apparently Kyle is a genius.

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  1. For my bday we stopped at a bakery in Portland and they had a cupcake with a chocolate chip cookie on top. It must be the new trend :)

    Pinterest is AWESOME! I need to put it to use more, like you!



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